Teaching others to prepare on a budget!

{ Credit & Debit Card threats… My experience! }


  A couple of years ago I accidentally left my DEBIT card at a convenience store. I retrieved it within 2 hours but the damage had already been done! Recently we're all hearing of "security breeches"... first it was Target, and now (according to Forbes) we're looking at Sears, Neiman Marcus, and Michael's. In my own experience, within a couple of weeks of leaving and "almost immediately" retrieving my card...  I noticed a strange charge for $2.00 to a site that sells "background images" for your desktop. I thought my husband may have decided to purchase a new background (for some … [Read more...]

{ Guest Post! Bugging Out With Baby! }


Since I have no "babies" (per se) right now... you see, we are empty-nesters with 3 grown children and no grandchildren yet... I have to turn to more experienced folks with said youngsters. I felt that Prepping On A Budget had a void and it was with the subject of the young ones. So, I sat out to find a guest writer to fill the void! I think I may have found a good match and would like to introduce you to Naomi. Here is her article on "Bugging Out With Baby". Let us know what you think, what you'd like to see, and hopefully I can add a whole section to this topic! Bugging out with … [Read more...]

{ Incorporating Guest Post on POAB }

I've decided to use my platform (ummm blog)  and incorporate some guest post. All the past articles you see here are from me and our homestead and our diligent practice with this or that. But, I've realized there is a lot to share and hopefully wake more folks up to this whole preparedness venture. So, one of my newest "guest" will be talking about prepping with babies. See, our babies are all grown now and none of them have produced us grandchildren so - this is an area which Prepping On A Budget has missed. I didn't intentionally leave the babies out - I simply don't have any … [Read more...]

{ Your Weak-Side Practice } I Dare You!


Most of us are one or the other; few can do the same thing with their weak side as they can their dominant side. And why don't we practice with the weaker side? Most of us only practice with the weak side when the dominant side is dormant. Such as; if you have surgery on your right hand and you're right handed - you have no choice but to use your weaker side. And we struggle. My husband, who is left-handed, drives an 18-wheeler daily! That's not much on the surface, but considering we live in a right-handed world - it becomes more significant! He controls this vehicle with his weaker … [Read more...]

My Old – New Car… And Preparedness

courtesy of Edmonds.com

In 2008 I bought a new car that could have come with all the bells-and-whistles but I opted for a Plain Ole Car. The main reason I did this was because of the added cost that something like cruise control adds to the overall cost and I figured all those computerized gadgets would go out eventually and the cost to fix would be astronomical! So, I choose the simple version! No Cruise Control - I can control my speed myself! No automatic door openers - I know how to operate a key! No alarm - there's nothing in there of value! No automatic window openers - I can roll a window … [Read more...]

{ A Potential New Meet-Up Group for Preparedness Women Only? }


I'm just throwing this out there! Remember that as I ramble here for a minute. My thoughts, for the past couple of years, have been that women need to vent, we need to explore and we need to experiment. We also have the need to learn and we are goal driven. By goal-driven I mean we have the need to drive forward to provide for our families and make sure everyone is safe and sound at night. If you agree/disagree comments are welcome. In the past I've been involved in a lot of meet-up's through meetup.com that were hosted by friends of mine. I always found them interesting but some … [Read more...]

This Isn’t a Joke or Practice… It’s Reality


From ApartmentPreppers.com and the shock-n-awe over rotisserie chicken, the author makes such a valid point... "If people get this riled up in the middle of plenty, imagine how people will react when shelves really are empty and even the undesired foods are gone.  This showed me up close that people have become lazy and expect everything to be ready for them in an instant.  They are not used to being denied anything.  In a disaster, when stores run out of food or water, things are going to get ugly very quickly." [emphasis added] For me, I totally agree! We live in an "instant" … [Read more...]

{ Alternate Lighting } what we use


In our home we have alternatives to a lot of things; ways to cook, ways to get water, ways to stay warm, and various means of winter clothing or even clothing to help us stay cooler in the hot months. However, there's nothing more irritating than being dependent on SOMEONE else for lights. I personally don't like being dependent on ANYONE else for ANYTHING and I like light... so here are some of my tried-n-true means of providing light when the grid is off-line. Here's a video I did a while back installing (which is laughable) because it took a couple of minutes to do. AND these … [Read more...]