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10,000 sq ft to 32 in 12 months!


One area of prepping that I love is the garden - the stores from the garden - and getting my hands dirty! The picture to the left is one of our gardens in 2013. The second picture is the other garden spot and with the two, we planted roughly 10,000 sq ft of crops.   Unfortunately, 2013 was a bust for us - minus the fact we were able to harvest cabbage, lettuce, onions, and potatoes from the 2013 growing cycle. In our area, we were hit with 60" of rain between June and September last year and that pretty well washed-out/drowned all the crops. 2014 growing season didn't start … [Read more...]

Paying-It-Forward at Christmas

My mom said to me many years ago... "Never quit believing in Santa...  No matter where your life takes you... there will always be a gift from Santa." In the 30 some odd years since this statement, I've thought of it many times. What was she trying to convey to me at an age of 10 or 11? I think she was trying to convey to "never stop believing in good will and giving"... Hang in here as the story continues... Many years ago, I suddenly found myself on my own with two young children," the church I attended presented me (anonymously) a check for $200. There was no big fanfare, … [Read more...]

Budget-wise Cat Pods! Made in the USA!


This has absolutely nothing to do with prepping but at times I try to promote local (to me) or Made in the USA companies which I may or may not know personally but believe in their product! In the case of CatPods.com, I don't know the owners personally (as in going to their house for dinner) but I see them once a week as they are shipping Cat Pods all over the country. Last year, when they started this business, I had just started working (at a major retail courier service) and they are our customers. I've gotten to see their business grow AND I've also noticed their high level of … [Read more...]

Dollar General: My Go-To-Place for stocking up!

I've realized, with talking with various family members and some friends that Dollar General is not on their radar for stocking up or even making their shopping trips easier. Stocking up - I'll get to in a minute. Easing the pain of shopping - Let's talk about that for a second. We both, my husband and I, have elderly parents. I don't like hassling around gallons of this or multiple quantities of that, much less do I expect my 72 year-old mother or 75 mother-in-law to enjoy it or have the physical capability of doing so. I'm attempting to show them the convenience of shopping on-line … [Read more...]

The Simple Life?


This past weekend, as my husband and I were planning, plowing, and planting... he said, "This is the simple life!" His comment kinda stopped me in my tracks because simply - to me - it's really not the simple life! If you've ever listened to me on Blog Talk Radio, read this blog, read my articles in Prepare Magazine (PrepareMag.com) - you already know I was raised and lived in an environment of self-convenience for basically 40 years! Cleaning out a chicken coop, hauling wood to the house, learning to cook on anything less than an electric stove, learning to can food, etc....  does … [Read more...]

Canned Smoked Sausage Today!


Last week my local grocery had Hillshire Smoked Sausage on sale for 3/$9.00. a savings of $4.77 for 3. I decided that I'm getting too comfortable with all the stuff I keep craming into the freezer and I thought it would be nice to can this. I really don't want to go through the heartache of a freezer fiasco ago! There's a couple of things to point out here... these packs 2 years ago were 16 oz. size, last year they were 14 oz., and now they are 13 oz. The price 2 years ago (because I track the prices of what we buy) was $2.49... now they are 3 ounces smaller and the price for 1 pack … [Read more...]

Name my new Produce Stand!


Last year I fell totally in love with providing my local community with 'homegrown fresh produce!' I was readily welcomed at several flea markets as I peddled tomatoes, okra, cantaloupes, watermelons, greens, grapes, muscadines, scuppernongs, cabbage, etc. This has turned into a true passion of mine as well as another income stream. I talk a lot about creating an extra income stream - just in case you have to fall back on it or use it to help out with your own preparedness effort. So, I need a name. I want the name to reflect fresh, local, and homegrown. I have a handful of names I … [Read more...]

The Alert Came Across My Phone Tonight! Lesson Learned!


I've noticed some of my posts here lately are always talking about my ideas and my thoughts vs. actually my actions. So tonight, my actions are what I want to talk about. I spent a couple of hours today on the phone with Donna from YourPreparationStation.com as we pre-recorded my guest spot on her Blog Talk Radio program for Saturday night (link coming for that later this week) and simply chatted off-recording about a few things. We casually discussed the weather and I made a comment that "Preparedness-Minded people need to take warnings as warnings" and I even commented on the ominous … [Read more...]