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{ Our New Portable Ice Machine! }

ice maker 2014 majic chef 002

My husband decided he wanted a portable ice maker for Christmas and it was harder to find than I thought... Lowe's and Home Depot only carry them one day a year... "online" was sold out forever it seemed or the prices were so ridiculous I couldn't imagine..., but I finally managed to snag one - this little Magic Chef model. If you have alternate ways to power your house or a generator, this little thing is the trick. It's very simple to use... you simply pour water in the bottom to the fill line (approximately 12 cups of water) , plug it into your house outlet or generator, turn the power … [Read more...]

{ Not all Thermal underwear is created = }

I was out last week feeding the animals we have (all 300 of them) and noticed my cheap thermals were causing me to sweat in 21 degree weather. Not good! I went into the house and got my husbands thermal shirt by Base Force and continued with my chores. I didn't notice my sweating anymore. Why? Well, actually the moisture from your body is wicked away in to the clothing. Meaning it doesn't stay on your skin or areas that you will most likely notice it. I was much more warm and comfortable after changing clothes and finished all the outdoor chores without having to change clothes again. I … [Read more...]

Explaining my Storage Room

paper towel stock shopping

We had family in this weekend and the ultimate trip down to the storage room was on their list! They wanted to visit the forbidden "storage room". I could see the look of shock 'n awe as soon as I opened the door. I thought, "Crap... now I have to some how explain this." But then I thought, "No, I don't... it's a buying method I use and it serves us well under many different pretenses. I don't have to explain 'why so much,' I just need to teach the method! :-) As my uncle-in-law's face was still frozen-in-time... I immediately went into my explanation of how I shop which lead into the … [Read more...]

Power Outage… I realize I love Light

My light life-saver!

Our power was off for about 8 hours on Saturday. It was great practice which started about 2:00 p.m.. Although we do run various scenario's year out... this little inconvenience for the short-term was a great drill! As the sun started setting and the power not coming back on and the power company having "no restoration time"... we started our backup plan... Food: Not a problem... I'd resort to the outdoor kitchen with the propane stove. Shelter: Not a problem... we were in a house Water: (normally we're on a well... no electric for pump = no water) No issue... got that in 55 … [Read more...]

{ New Home for the new Chicks! }

new chicken house 8-2014 061

This is not your typical "chicken tractor" by any means because my husband and I like to use and re-purpose a lot! Last year, this structure made of hog panels, served us well as a green house, but we outgrew it! Back in April 2014, I decided I wanted Golden Comet hens for large brown egg laying purposes and bought 12 for $3.75 each. We had them in a short small run that we normally use for Cornish X hens (the meat bird) but they have now outgrown that structure. So, today, finally, they were introduced to their new home! The structure itself is hog panels bended, with a few wood … [Read more...]

Kerr Canning Jars – my Facts


Facts and numbers don't lie, do we agree? If you have facts and you have numbers that are unaltered, then you have a pretty solid idea of what to do and what not to do. My own advice will be my new found pretense with canning jars!   I hate failure and I hate it more when I've spent time prepping the product that goes into a jar just to find this when I open the canner! Ok, granted the potatoes were not all strewn about in the bottom of the canner as soon as I opened it;  but as soon as I grabbed the jar with the tong thingy's ... the suction on the bottom of jar gave way … [Read more...]

Canning Lid Cost & Stocking Up


This time of year for me means canning the seasons harvest. I had stocked up on some lids, jars, and bands but then found myself running low on lids. Over the last couple of years I had accumulated lots of jars and bands but I was low on lids. One time use lids - I only use 1 time, as suggested, although many folks use these time and time again. I'd rather be safe than sorry so I still only use them once. Anyway... I realized I was running out of lids... so I purchased some from Lehmans.com - 288 wide mouth lids for a total (with shipping) of .27 each or $76.90 total. As a price … [Read more...]

Shortages/Price Increases and Paper Products 2014


I'm reading a lot in the news about potential food shortages due to various areas experiencing droughts and the pig virus that killed off a percentage of meat this year. Not to mention chickens, are by "head count." being produced less - but they are weighing more, which is suppose to off set the decrease in head count produced. Which is suppose to offset the balance of supply-and-demand from the consumer. However; I've always been one to watch weekly prices on everyday items we all use. Paper products seem to be increase as fast as fuel prices! In November, 2013 I made my last big … [Read more...]