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{ New Home for the new Chicks! }

new chicken house 8-2014 061

This is not your typical "chicken tractor" by any means because my husband and I like to use and re-purpose a lot! Last year, this structure made of hog panels, served us well as a green house, but we outgrew it! Back in April 2014, I decided I wanted Golden Comet hens for large brown egg laying purposes and bought 12 for $3.75 each. We had them in a short small run that we normally use for Cornish X hens (the meat bird) but they have now outgrown that structure. So, today, finally, they were introduced to their new home! The structure itself is hog panels bended, with a few wood … [Read more...]

Kerr Canning Jars – my Facts


Facts and numbers don't lie, do we agree? If you have facts and you have numbers that are unaltered, then you have a pretty solid idea of what to do and what not to do. My own advice will be my new found pretense with canning jars!   I hate failure and I hate it more when I've spent time prepping the product that goes into a jar just to find this when I open the canner! Ok, granted the potatoes were not all strewn about in the bottom of the canner as soon as I opened it;  but as soon as I grabbed the jar with the tong thingy's ... the suction on the bottom of jar gave way … [Read more...]

Tips from PreparednessPro.com (good stuff)

I caught these on my Youtube feed and wanted to share in case you missed them. This one is a frugal tip: And this one is a food storage tip: I use both in our frugal lifestyle and food storage techniques!   … [Read more...]

This Isn’t a Joke or Practice… It’s Reality


From ApartmentPreppers.com and the shock-n-awe over rotisserie chicken, the author makes such a valid point... "If people get this riled up in the middle of plenty, imagine how people will react when shelves really are empty and even the undesired foods are gone.  This showed me up close that people have become lazy and expect everything to be ready for them in an instant.  They are not used to being denied anything.  In a disaster, when stores run out of food or water, things are going to get ugly very quickly." [emphasis added] For me, I totally agree! We live in an "instant" … [Read more...]

Another of My Food Storage Experiments! Rice!


A little accidental experiment happened tonight at home – with rice. For those who need catching up... I'm the world's best at realizing our shortfalls and doing crazy little experiments at home to see how much of X we might need in the long term. My husband and I have been reorganizing the house to provide for growth and to get a handle of on "stuff". Rice is a staple in our diet and for some stupid reason I thought we were "Ok with our rice supply!" BUT! In our reorganizing effort, I’ve realized we didn’t have nearly enough rice in long-term or everyday use … [Read more...]

My “Prepared” Thanksgiving Dinner


Most of my family thinks we are crazy for storing food, supplies, etc. They still haven't gotten the memo (as hard as we've tried) that the store shelves DON'T grow stuff. Anyway, the whole family comes here for Thanksgiving Dinner. Last year, even though we were 2 - 3 years in to "stocking up" - I still spent about $150 on Thanksgiving dinner and served some fresh stuff but mostly store bought preserved junk. This year is different! I ran down the very simple "southern menu" for Thanksgiving Dinner and realized how far we'd actually come in our preparedness effort. Here's what we're … [Read more...]

Another Dollar General Score! Shopping at Home


I absolutely love the fact I can sit here at 2:30 a.m. and order stuff online (cheaper) than I can if I spent 2 hours out fighting traffic and lines! I hate waiting in line and most of all I really hate shopping but I LOVE finding a deal. I've been talking about Dollar General for a few days now. Once you learn to look at their website regularly YOU too will find deals! Couponing isn't anything like it was a couple of years ago and this store has become my fall back plan. Afterthought: since my hiatus from April to November of this year, I really did some soul searching on how to bring … [Read more...]

People are Returning to Community!

I caught an article the other day, as I was researching produce (trying to make some upgrades to my produce stand from last year) and I thought, "Wow... folks are returning hmmm...." Did you know Whole Foods considers local as "traveling less than 7 hours by car or truck".... http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/locally-grown Since my husband is in the trucking industry and I've been in the transportation AND produce business... this 7 hours can't include harvest time, drive time to packer, sitting in a warehouse waiting on a transporter, travel time, unloading, and merchandising. Buy … [Read more...]