Teaching others to prepare on a budget!

Another Dollar General Score! Shopping at Home


I absolutely love the fact I can sit here at 2:30 a.m. and order stuff online (cheaper) than I can if I spent 2 hours out fighting traffic and lines! I hate waiting in line and most of all I really hate shopping but I LOVE finding a deal. I've been talking about Dollar General for a few days now. Once you learn to look at their website regularly YOU too will find deals! Couponing isn't anything like it was a couple of years ago and this store has become my fall back plan. Afterthought: since my hiatus from April to November of this year, I really did some soul searching on how to bring … [Read more...]

Preparing Yourself for a Budget


Last week we got the renewal notice on our homeowner's insurance. The increase was right at $400 a year! That was all it took for me to start looking for a new insurance carrier! For a disclaimer, I'm not associated with any of the companies I'm going to mention, other than I am a customer or former customer of theirs. I began looking at the coverage amounts on our homeowner's policy: We were way over-insured... a high deductible of $2500 and an occurrence level of only $100,000. After researching current new construction building rates and realizing under $100 a sq. ft. I … [Read more...]

Produce: Hint for Cheap Prices


At times I tend to forget what I posted where: I wonder, "did I put this on facebook or the blog or both?" Yikes! So, if I've posted this before, please forgive me. If not, read on for a way to save on your produce bill. Some of you may know this and some may not, but I'm a huge proponent of buying local produce from local farmers. I've talked about it Blog Talk Radio, I know I did a post here about it in order to help educate you on what questions to ask and how to truly locate fresh local produce. The produce stand I casually mentioned in the above linked post, I ended up working … [Read more...]

Local Produce – What Exactly is Local?


I'll have to set the stage for this post but I'll make it brief (LOL, try to anyway!) Last week as I was selling at the flea markets and doing my own due diligence with what the flea market scene is like right now, I decided to pick 1/2 bushel of okra (from our garden) and a few tomatoes to carry along. The okra sold faster than anything.... at $2 for just over 2 lbs. it was priced 1/2 of the grocery store and looked much better than what was being presented by other sellers, if I say so myself. I had so many comments and compliments on the okra - I wondered what was up? I also got … [Read more...]

Flea Marketing … It’s a Buyer’s Market!


I tell everyone that I don't talk about on my blog things I don't do. How can I ever, within good conscience, try to give you guidance or info... if I haven't done it myself? With that being said, here's a little history about me.... For the last 25 years I've bought and sold 'stuff'. For many years it was strictly a hobby and one that I enjoyed very much. I recall many transactions in the years of 2003, 2004, up to 2008 where I could spend $100 at an estate auction and turn that money into $500 within the week. I had my plan in place, my connections, and utilized them all. For really … [Read more...]

Guest Radio Show Tonight!

Tonight I'm honored to be the guest of Lynna from PreppersPath.com on her Prepper Broadcasting Network radio show - The Other Side - A Prepper's Path. Lynna contacted me and asked if I would consider joining her and discussing coupons. Well, of course - I LOVE talking about coupons and how to save money! Real money that is! And then how to take that money and use it towards other preps. How many times have we all thought or heard someone say, "Oh, I can't afford to prep." Well, yes you can and we'll talk about that tonight! Increasing buying power should be one of the top skill sets … [Read more...]

If it’s FREE….


It's for me! I take no offense in being called cheap - heck, I even call myself cheap at times, because I am. I enjoy fine things just like you do - but I have this little voice in my head that says - "if it's free it's for me!" I am currently in a very affluent area and being here long enough to cycle through 2 trash days. Where I live we have to take our trash to the landfill, but here, in the city - the big trucks roll through. Being very observant, I've started noticing exactly what people are trashing. The first trash day, I picked up 3 outdoor benches (retail at Lowe's for $119) … [Read more...]

$99 Challenge – Season 2 – Week 2 & 3


Last year we spent a lot of time and money stocking 1 large freezer and 1 small freezer. Unfortunately Murphy's Law kicked in somewhere about 2 months ago and the large freezer quit working. Talk about a downer. When I realized what had happened, I stood there looking at the bloody massacre in the freezer and then I just started crying. There was nothing else to do. At that point, laughing was NOT an option! And I enjoy laughing, but although I was looking at a mess I was seeing dollar signs mixed in. I called my husband, "Honey, *sniff* *sniff* I've got *sniff* *sniff* rally bad *sniff* … [Read more...]