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Exciting Announcements!

I have a lot of exciting announcements to make today! After spending about a month on various projects... it's unveiling time! All the links are in GREEN - please look around! New Online Workshops!!!!! 6 Steps Toward Preparedness FREE Workshop Get Prepared - Shop Smart & Coupon One-on-One Shop Smart Coaching Bi-Weekly Newsletter! FREE preparedness tips, news, and upcomings! Sign up to your top-right. PreppingOnABudget Radio Moving to a new time! Join me Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m. eastern time for your mid-week dose of prepping to keep you on track for the weekend! … [Read more...]

Ok, well…..

I'm still playing around with this blog. I know how I want it to look and feel but I'm blogging challenged!The labels on the right hand side will have all the information you need about that particular subject. On a daily basis, I'll update the main page with whatever whiz-bang information I think that everyone can use.Check out the "labels" section for more particular information! I thought I could post multiple post on the pages, but I can't. I may move to WordPress eventually with a "real" website, but this will serve the purpose for now!Hang in there with me as I fumble my way … [Read more...]