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Darn It!


I haven't darned socks in years - many years! My mom used to make me darn my dad's socks, because back then good socks were really expensive. I would sit with a L'Eggs pantyhose egg (the plastic ones - remember? - do they still make pantyhose? - that come in the plastic egg?) and darn socks on Saturday, if needed. Anyway, my husband mentioned his socks were getting a couple of holes in them and he asked me if I could darn them. I hadn't even heard the expression in forever! "Darn them? Really?" A prepper/homesteader friend of mine over at NCPreppers.com has a great write-up on darning … [Read more...]

The Survival Triangle – Food Storage (Part 2 of 4)


If you missed the Introduction to this series, please click here to read the introduction. (note: you have to click the “read more” to see all the links, etc. just now realizing this with this new theme) This is Part 2 of The Survival Triangle Video series as produced by Arkansas Prepper and Zion Prepper from YouTube. In this video Arkansas Prepper and Zion Prepper discuss food storage, what to store, and the difference between long term food storage and short term. There's one thing about food storage we should all remember and that is, "Store what you eat and eat what you … [Read more...]

The Survival Triangle – Water (Part 1 of 4)


Water is the first item on the List of 3's.... 3 days without water and you will perish. (note: you have to click the "read more" to see all the links, etc. just now realizing this with this new theme) This is Part 1 of The Survival Triangle Video series as produced by Arkansas Prepper and Zion Prepper from YouTube. If you missed the Introduction to this serious, please click here to read the introduction. In this video the subject of how to store water is explained. Please watch and there's more commentary below. My husband and I do store water in 2 litre soda bottles. Our … [Read more...]

The Survival Triangle – Series Introduction


Hi everyone! This is going to be a four-part series I'm doing this week entitled The Survival Triangle as presented by Zion Prepper and Arkansas Prepper. Both of these gentlemen take time out of their day to provide great instructional videos on YouTube for the prepping community. I have talked with Arkansas Prepper on occasion via phone and Skype and he and his wife are both on board with prepping. One of their videos from last year is the reason I have so many potatoes canned this year! Zion Prepper is the author of The Prepper's Handbook: A Guide to Surviving on Your Own which … [Read more...]

Exciting Announcements!

I have a lot of exciting announcements to make today! After spending about a month on various projects... it's unveiling time! All the links are in GREEN - please look around! New Online Workshops!!!!! 6 Steps Toward Preparedness FREE Workshop Get Prepared - Shop Smart & Coupon One-on-One Shop Smart Coaching Bi-Weekly Newsletter! FREE preparedness tips, news, and upcomings! Sign up to your top-right. PreppingOnABudget Radio Moving to a new time! Join me Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m. eastern time for your mid-week dose of prepping to keep you on track for the weekend! … [Read more...]

Prepping & Gift Giving Part 3

For the final post in this series let me say - You can never have too many resources. Tonight I was the guest of Donna Miller from Miller's Grain House on blog talk radio and we were discussing this 3 part series of Gift giving on a budget with a preppers twist. The last thing I'd like to leave you with is a list of resources we have in our personal library because it's my opinion that none of us can have too many resources to fall back on. … [Read more...]

It’s a Disater & CERT Training

I started my CERT training tonight, which stands for Community Emergency Response Team, and I found it extremely interesting. The instructors are very professional and have an arm's length of credentials. One instructor was mentioning that during the next class he would be giving us all a book entitled "It's a Disaster." The other instructor spoke up and said, "I've used this material on two continents and it's the best out there!" So, if you don't have your copy on your book shelf or downloaded as an ebook, you can do so right now! By clicking on the book you will be taken to … [Read more...]

Bug Out – The Book

Of all the books we have in our library, this one stands out as one of my favorites, why? Because the author Scott B. Williams covers everything Bug Out! I have this in my Amazon store because it is a wealth of information for anyone how is currently looking for a retreat location. Mr. Williams covers the country, lends insight, and even provides checklists for the reader. It's pretty cost-effective too and well worth it. You can click on the picture to read in more detail what the book covers. I only promote items we like and ones that provide educational materials for … [Read more...]