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Armed and Dangerous!


I have been away from couponing for a few weeks now because I've been going to Aldi's to re-stock up on supplies we have had to use. Aldi's doesn't accept coupons. This past week I get the sales flyer from my local grocery. Automatically I noticed several items that I buy were B1G1 or on sale at a significant savings. I decided it was time to get "ARMED AND DANGEROUS again!" I won't put you through the misery of all the deals I got with these 5 computer printer coupons but here's what I will tell ya.... Knowing, from experience, coupons run with store deals or vice-versa... I knew … [Read more...]

Rite-Aid has changed their UpRewards Policy!


Everyone already knows I'm a huge coupon fan. I've saved us thousands by learning the process and I'm seeing and hearing some evidence that the 'powers to be' might beat us at our own game... the very game they put into place! Imagine that. Regardless, Rite-Aid, has changed their policy about excepting UpRewards. You may or may not know this, as it happened in the middle of Sept, but here is my personal experience. Two weeks ago I purused my Rite-Aid flier from the Sunday paper and noticed a couple of deals that I couldn't pass up! I was stoked and these said deals had UpRewards with … [Read more...]

$99 Challenge – Season 2 – Week 6

Week 6 was a little easier... there were good sales and deals. Being we didn't plant sweet peas this year (I find them to be way too much trouble) I purchased 5 cans of peas at .69 each. These are the store brand. The steak sauce was on sale, also the store brand, B1G1 which made it 1.99 a bottle and the Colgate was on sale B1G1 which made it $2.78/2 but I only purchased 1. I had a .50 coupon my store doubled to a $1 so my final cost on the toothpaste was only .39. The Hamburger Helper, although not many people's favorite food, was on sale for $1 a box. Normally $1.99 a box! This is … [Read more...]

$99 Challenge – Season 2 – Week 5


Saving money on grocery/household items is what this challenge is all about. If you can manage to save money in one area then this allows more money for other area's of your preps. I'm doing this for 10 weeks total and at the end I'll show you how much was purchased for just under $100. For me, this was the easiest way to make the move from being a weekly grocery shopper to becoming a sale/stock-up shopper! Here's the video for Week 5 and the breakdown is below. Everything was on sale and 3 of the items I coupled the sale with a manufacturer coupon, so: The loaf bread was on … [Read more...]

Guest Radio Show Tonight!

Tonight I'm honored to be the guest of Lynna from PreppersPath.com on her Prepper Broadcasting Network radio show - The Other Side - A Prepper's Path. Lynna contacted me and asked if I would consider joining her and discussing coupons. Well, of course - I LOVE talking about coupons and how to save money! Real money that is! And then how to take that money and use it towards other preps. How many times have we all thought or heard someone say, "Oh, I can't afford to prep." Well, yes you can and we'll talk about that tonight! Increasing buying power should be one of the top skill sets … [Read more...]

How did ‘Prepping On A Budget’ get started? Pt 2


If you missed part 1 check it out here. As I drove up to the lodge, way up in the mountains of NC... 3 hours from home, I was expecting to spend to spend a weekend full of women talking about cooking stuff and baking stuff; which was going to be totally over-my-head. If you know me, all this cooking, canning, dehydrating, preparing food... is foreign to me. My kitchen is the LEAST used room in my house - well, it was.... I'd much rather be outside til dark every single day! But, in the order of preparedness I really needed to know what to do with those 300 lbs. of wheat berries stored … [Read more...]

How did ‘Prepping On A Budget’ get started? Pt 1


Someone asked me the other day, "How did Prepping On A Budget" get started and I actually had to stop for a second and remember - but it only took a second for it to come rushing back! You see, in 2009, I was a passenger with my over-the-road truck driver husband - I wasn't only the passenger but I was the navigator, cook, traffic control, QualComm operator, and domestic Godness in a big red 10x10 truck cab we called home! The housing bubble had just POPPED and trucking was a bit slow. We were traveling all 48 states and Canada, so we saw first hand what was going on in the country. One … [Read more...]

Talk About Tuesday – PracticalPrepping.wordpress.com


I do the Talk About Tuesday post for folks that may follow my blog and not Facebook, etc. The blogs I showcase are REAL people, REAL experiences, and REAL advice. The blog I'm talking about this week is a gentleman that I ran across with a quick google search. But, I took the time to read his posts and loved the B1G1 story! This is also how WE got STARTED with our food storage, per se! My husband and I didn't spend thousands on food, etc.... we did it as we could and I incorporated coupons as I saw fit. Couponing took a bad rap when Extreme Couponing hit the airwaves, but couponing is a … [Read more...]