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{ Credit & Debit Card threats… My experience! }


  A couple of years ago I accidentally left my DEBIT card at a convenience store. I retrieved it within 2 hours but the damage had already been done! Recently we're all hearing of "security breeches"... first it was Target, and now (according to Forbes) we're looking at Sears, Neiman Marcus, and Michael's. In my own experience, within a couple of weeks of leaving and "almost immediately" retrieving my card...  I noticed a strange charge for $2.00 to a site that sells "background images" for your desktop. I thought my husband may have decided to purchase a new background (for some … [Read more...]

My Old – New Car… And Preparedness

courtesy of Edmonds.com

In 2008 I bought a new car that could have come with all the bells-and-whistles but I opted for a Plain Ole Car. The main reason I did this was because of the added cost that something like cruise control adds to the overall cost and I figured all those computerized gadgets would go out eventually and the cost to fix would be astronomical! So, I choose the simple version! No Cruise Control - I can control my speed myself! No automatic door openers - I know how to operate a key! No alarm - there's nothing in there of value! No automatic window openers - I can roll a window … [Read more...]

{ Alternate Lighting } what we use


In our home we have alternatives to a lot of things; ways to cook, ways to get water, ways to stay warm, and various means of winter clothing or even clothing to help us stay cooler in the hot months. However, there's nothing more irritating than being dependent on SOMEONE else for lights. I personally don't like being dependent on ANYONE else for ANYTHING and I like light... so here are some of my tried-n-true means of providing light when the grid is off-line. Here's a video I did a while back installing (which is laughable) because it took a couple of minutes to do. AND these … [Read more...]

M.E.L.L…. What would YOU do?

Trash Bin Against Building

MELL is my new term for preparedness efforts. It is copyrighted so please save us both the problem and don't even think about it - without my permission - which I will give gratefully if you simply ask! So, what the heck is MELL? We're all going to meet MELL one day. We actually meet MELL daily but when it comes to surviving or preparedness or prepping, some folks forget MELL. I'm involved in forums where folks have an insider at the hospital slipping them supplies on the sly or just as the expiration date rolls around, I've seen some folks talking large amounts of pens and paper from … [Read more...]

Golf Balls in a Sock

My mother-in-law is so inspiring to me on so many levels. Last night we were discussing non-lethal means of protecting ones self and she says, "Hon... I have  a sock with 2 golf balls in it in the door pocket of my car. If I'm car jacked... I'm gonna whip those babies out and hit some bad person up side the head... drive off or run away. It creates a diversion!" Honestly, I never thought of something so simple! I'm a bit more complicated than that with my ankle holster and side arm, etc. to simply think of a couple of golf balls in a sock! It would be a quite effective means of … [Read more...]

Cash: My son learned a HUGE lesson today!


We've all heard the stories from various folks about not being able to withdraw large sums of cash from their particular bank, without 7-10 days notice. Most of us are trying (or have tried) to convince our family members to keep a comfortable amount of cash out of the bank because of this practice. Our son, who is 24, totally believes in the banking system and likes seeing his bank statement I guess. However, most of the money that grows said bank account is because he works very hard and deposits his money. It's not because the banks are paying a lot to hold his/your money/use your … [Read more...]

Do You ‘Carry’ to Church?


Are your church greeters carrying? Does your church have a security team? Has the thought ever crossed your mind? The thought had never really crossed mine until I took my conceal carry permit class. The gentleman that taught the class talked about his church’s “security team.” These guys/gals were in the parking lot and stationed inside the church as greeters, but they train (on their own time) as security personnel – securing the church and paying close attention to folks as they arrived for church services. I also attended another conceal carry class, as a visitor, and the … [Read more...]

You don’t Bring a Knife to a Gun Fight


This story actually makes me want to share it everywhere I can because this "legally carrying person" saved someone's life tonight. This story really caught my attention because when law-abiding, rightfully carrying individuals step-up and save others' lives - I personally find that newsworthy. The assailant bought the weapon (a knife) within the store then turned it into a weapon against other patrons. The legally carrying private citizen didn't shoot - he simply pulled his weapon and told the assailant to lower his weapon. A lesson in, "You don't bring a knife to gun … [Read more...]