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$99 Challenge – Season 2 – Week 6

Week 6 was a little easier... there were good sales and deals. Being we didn't plant sweet peas this year (I find them to be way too much trouble) I purchased 5 cans of peas at .69 each. These are the store brand. The steak sauce was on sale, also the store brand, B1G1 which made it 1.99 a bottle and the Colgate was on sale B1G1 which made it $2.78/2 but I only purchased 1. I had a .50 coupon my store doubled to a $1 so my final cost on the toothpaste was only .39. The Hamburger Helper, although not many people's favorite food, was on sale for $1 a box. Normally $1.99 a box! This is … [Read more...]

$99 Challenge – Season 2 – Week 5


Saving money on grocery/household items is what this challenge is all about. If you can manage to save money in one area then this allows more money for other area's of your preps. I'm doing this for 10 weeks total and at the end I'll show you how much was purchased for just under $100. For me, this was the easiest way to make the move from being a weekly grocery shopper to becoming a sale/stock-up shopper! Here's the video for Week 5 and the breakdown is below. Everything was on sale and 3 of the items I coupled the sale with a manufacturer coupon, so: The loaf bread was on … [Read more...]

Is Your Spouse or Significant Other On Board?


One of my Google alerts today was a recap of Doomsday Preppers. Being that we choose not to have television/cable at our house, I only watch the program occasionally after it's uploaded to YouTube. ;-) The summary from Entertainment.Gather.com got my attention: it was the recap of prepper Janet. "Janet Spencer is the next prepper who is planning for an attack. She believes that her location is the prime place for an attack to destroy weapons. Planning to care for survivors of a nuclear attack, Janet is prepping her home to take victims in. She then reveals that she does a majority of her … [Read more...]

$99 Challenge – Season 2 – Week 4


Week 4 proved very successful in my opinion. I haven't shopped CVS in a while because, honestly, I find them totally over priced UNTIL they finally put things on sale (real sale)! Ok, well, I feel that way about most places I shop (ha, ha). Seriously, CVS is a small retailer and they do pay a higher wholesale price, so yes, their prices are typically higher.... BUT.... here's what I did today in only 2 transactions. Now, remember my policy.... 2 transactions is all I do, I build my ECB's on the first transaction, and use them on the 2nd transaction where I'm only buying things as dirt … [Read more...]

$99 Challenge – Season 2 – Week 2 & 3


Last year we spent a lot of time and money stocking 1 large freezer and 1 small freezer. Unfortunately Murphy's Law kicked in somewhere about 2 months ago and the large freezer quit working. Talk about a downer. When I realized what had happened, I stood there looking at the bloody massacre in the freezer and then I just started crying. There was nothing else to do. At that point, laughing was NOT an option! And I enjoy laughing, but although I was looking at a mess I was seeing dollar signs mixed in. I called my husband, "Honey, *sniff* *sniff* I've got *sniff* *sniff* rally bad *sniff* … [Read more...]

$99 Challenge – Season 2 – Week 1


I've had several comments (through various venues) about the $99 challenge I did in May, 2011 and I've had request to do it again! So, I am! … [Read more...]