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Talk About Tuesday – Real Food Living.com

This weeks "Talk About Tuesday" website is Real Food Living! If you've ever wondered how to make wholesome foods for your family or if you want to just read wholesome, unbiased reviews on products or preparedness books - you need to check out Real Food Living! The owner, Vikilynn Haycraft, is a very active person in the preparedness community and like I said, she offers excellent unbiased reviews - which, sad to say, is truly hard to come by these days. She's a trusted source of mine and I encourage you to visit her site! You'll leave with the feeling of encouragement - she makes … [Read more...]

Talk About Tuesday – PracticalPrepping.wordpress.com


I do the Talk About Tuesday post for folks that may follow my blog and not Facebook, etc. The blogs I showcase are REAL people, REAL experiences, and REAL advice. The blog I'm talking about this week is a gentleman that I ran across with a quick google search. But, I took the time to read his posts and loved the B1G1 story! This is also how WE got STARTED with our food storage, per se! My husband and I didn't spend thousands on food, etc.... we did it as we could and I incorporated coupons as I saw fit. Couponing took a bad rap when Extreme Couponing hit the airwaves, but couponing is a … [Read more...]

Talk About Tuesday – 2 Blogs This Week!

The Talk About Tuesday posts are websites I find that I enjoy and hope my readers will too! Each Tuesday, I'll post a website/blog for you to check out! This week - there are two new finds to talk about: The 72 Hour Kit blog and Living Large In Our Little House. Sometimes I find the "Talk About Tuesday" blogs through trackbacks to my own blog or from Facebook likes. I enjoy reading the blogs and mostly enjoy spreading the word! So, The 72 Hour Kit is a relatively very new blog, as best I can tell. Based on my reading I believe they are just now starting to prepare and have some great … [Read more...]

Talk About Tuesday – PrepperWebsite.com


In this "Talk About Tuesday" post, I'd like to introduce you to PrepperWebsite.com If you haven't seen this site, please click on the link and support Todd with your visit. You'll not only be providing morale support, but you'll be getting some of the best info around. This site is a "go to site" of mine because the information is current, reliable, and easy to follow. Todd basically has the layout in newspaper form and he peruses the internet daily to provide us all with current information. There's also a long list of other websites for reference! We can all use more references, … [Read more...]

Talk-About Tuesday!


What are others talking about? Talk-About Tuesday is just that... I'll be publishing cool sites I run across and any news or announcements I find interesting and helpful! So what's happening today... Low Buck Prepper from YouTube had a huge announcement today - he is going to be traveling and producing a YouTube series called Real Day Preppers! The show will showcase "real day preppers" without the ridiculous twist spin that some network shows may put on prepping. Here are all the links for more info: RealDayPreppers.com Introductory Videos for the upcoming … [Read more...]