Teaching others to prepare on a budget!

Why do you prep? What do you prep? Seems to be the question of the day! Here’s a great example of why and what!

Seems to me that more and more people must finally be "waking up" and getting the bug to prep because no matter what blog I read or YouTube video I watch… the question seems to “Why do you prep? What do you prep?” It's like everyone is curious about this prepper world. So, if you're friends and family are asking YOU this question, here's an excellent example of why "preppers do" and "what we prep for." … [Read more...]

Thrifty Buying/Smart Selling


Hi everyone! Can you believe it's the end of the month already? I can't! But the last Saturday of month means that it's time for another Blog Talk Radio program as the guest of Donna Miller from Miller's Grain House. Time goes by as fast as money through your hands, so I always try to teach people to “invest wisely.” We should all invest our time and money wisely! Don’t you think so? … [Read more...]


paracord 042

I'm sure everyone has seen these on arms of fellow preppers/survivalist/outdoor's people, etc. but have you ever wondered what the real purpose was? I did. Being married to a former Army Ranger he enlighetened me on what paracord was orignially used for... yep, it's for parachutes, but just look at this list of it's other uses: 1.      Hold your pants up if your belt breaks. 2.      Repair torn clothing with the internal strands which slide easily out of the kernmantle (casing). Use a makeshift needle or be sure to keep one in your first-aid kit. 3.      Repair torn … [Read more...]

Is the Fan blowing?

Hi all, I realize that my blog takes on "all things prepping" and occasionally, I loose readers because of that. Here's the reasoning behind the site. 1) Prepping is a mind set with actions to back it up. 2) Couponing is an excellent way to increase your preps. 3) Most preppers wait on that "fan" situation and for my couponer followers, that means when the "crap (insert dirty word there) hits the fan." 4) We do raise our own food and we're proud of it. If you follow my youtube channel, you too will see that I talk about "all things prepping." Prepping is more than just … [Read more...]

Ugh Sickness…..

The last week has taught me that I'm not indestructible...  I thought I was Super Mom, Super Wife, Super Everything and then it hit! Oh this aching body of mine. Tonight is the first time I've felt like doing anything in the past week. I'm still weak, coughing, and so forth - but the life is coming back. I can feel it. So, what does this have to do with prepping? Well, it has everything to do with it. My good friend Donna, suggested a while back that I start taking Echinacea-Golden Seal Complex for my immune system. And she suggested a ginger-root drink for my sore throat. This … [Read more...]

Sensible Preppers Conference – Second Day Thoughts

The second day of the conference was action packed! There were several speakers, which will be listed below and lots of great information. The majority of the people I met were actually preppers! Once we split into groups, now remember, I was vending and conferencing at the time, so it was a little difficult, I did meet some folks in my general area. I also ran into a few old acquaintances and we got caught back up. So, for some excellent info on getting more ready or prepared you should check out these videos! SouthernPrepper1 – spoke about retreats and security Engineer775 – … [Read more...]

Peanut Butter on the Increase!


I know my family gets so tired of me couponing and waiting on sales for stuff, but after you read this article you should: 1) see why people prep, 2) see the importance of couponing and working the sales. I bought Peanut Butter last month, triple coupon special, for .44 cents and it was on sale too - so it came out to be about a 92% savings. We are peanut butter good right now, thank goodness! Thank goodness you ask?.... well, it was announced today via CNN that peanut butter is on the increase, as soon as Oct. 31. Kraft will go up an anticipated 40% and Peter Pan 20%. I will still be … [Read more...]

Sensible Preppers Conference – First Night Thoughts

I have to give it to Sootch00 (youtube name) for putting together an excellent conference. I can only imagine the time and effort this takes. Sootch00 (Don) gave an excellent overview of Prepping101 and encouraged everyone, no matter where you are in your prepping lifestyle, to keep it simple. Scott, (Engineer775 from youtube) brought up some excellent points on the difference in a prepper and a survivalist. He also spoke about why he preps. These thoughts included personal reasons, religious reasons, and professional reasons. Right behind Scott came SouthernPrepper1 (Dave/David) … [Read more...]