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2012 – 1st Quarter Stock Up List for New Preppers

There are lists circulating that talk about the first 100 items to disappear first in an emergency so I decided to make my own list of the top 25 with my own suggestions interjected.

My suggestions come from first-hand experiences that we’ve all got but sometimes the urgency to stock-up on these items gets put on the backburner.  If the lists are correct of the 100 top items to disappear first, then shouldn’t we all consider these must be items we should stock up on now?

This will be a 4 part series bringing us up to the 100 items. By clicking on the check list link below, you can print a copy of this in “check sheet” format for your use this quarter. Each quarter, I’ll post the next 25 items giving you time to secure the items on the previous list. By the end of the year, you should have all the most sought after 100 items that disappear first! (post will be done on January 5, April 1, July 1, and October 1, 2012.)

1st 25 items to disappear fast

In an emergency there are 3 basics of life – water, food, shelter. These should be the first 25 items to stock-up on and in no particular order.

1. Generator – A generator is costly, no doubt but they are so handy and needed all year round that sacrificing something in order to buy one is highly recommended.

2. Fuel Storage – Fuel storage is tricky but there’s no need for a generator if you don’t have the appropriate fuel to generate with. Excellent reference can be found here LDSPreppers.com

3. Water – You can google “prepper water storage” and get an array of information. A lot of preppers have gone to the dehydrated types of meals and homemade emergency kits. These kits are different from MRE’s (meals ready to eat) because MRE’s are water packed. You can eat them out of the pouch. On the other hand, dehydrated meals must have water put back in them to be consumed and how much water is that exactly? Watch this for my own home experiment. Part 1 and Part 2. If these types of foods are in your long-term or short-term plan you better look for a renewable water source solution, please. Also, filtration/purification/storage containers should be on the list.

4. Toilets – Some may be comfortable going to the woods but small children or elderly folks may not be so anxious, so consider a portable toilet. Wal-Mart sells them in the camping section.

5. Firewood – Collecting firewood sounds easy enough but if you live in a cold climate aread and you’re without power for 24 hours – your house will get cold. Hopefully you have a fireplace, wood insert, or wood stove. But, again, you need a fuel source.

6. Food – Canned food beats no food. Work your sales and coupons (read my e-book for tips) and have a minimum of 14 days worth of food. I know the officials tell us all 3 days but that’s not realistic. Have a variety of proteins and carbs and make sure you have some comfort foods.

7. Cooking source – Camping equipment works great for these small “no power” outages and long term ones if you have enough stored fuel source (i.e. propane tanks, etc.) Also, the Stove-Tec stove is great for outdoor cooking and only uses small wood pieces to create heat. Here’s a video: Stove-Tec and Fried Chicken

8. Mini Heater – In case you don’t have a fireplace or insert, these are great for cold weather emergencies, but you have to remember the fuel source again or they will be worthless.

9. Alternative light – Here’s what I did for our kitchen (and I have several batteries) so this way I wouldn’t have to use the oil lamps or flashlights in the kitchen. Oil is more expensive and the larger batteries are more expensive. Alternative Lighting

Other alternatives are simply the oil lamps, but beware of fire hazards and stock up on oil, wicks, and the lamps themselves. You can usually buy the lamps at your local GoodWill really cheap!

10. Can Opener – Unless you buy everything with the pop-top you better invest in a manual old-timey can opener.

11. Survival Guide – There are several on the market but you should find one that actually teaches you how to survive a short emergency and better yet, one that teaches you how to survive any situation and this is an awesome book to have in your library. The link:  It’s a Disaster

12. Charcoal and Lighter Fluid – Charcoal is easy enough to store and those little deck grills are very inexpensive. These are great items to have so you can prepare just about any kind of food. You can throw a skillet on there, grill something, or heat water. Stock up on both of these items.

13. Thermals for the family – These are priceless when you are cold or if you know you’ll be getting cold. Again, your local GoodWill is a great place or your local Wal-Mart. Inexpensive and great in cold weather. Also, good thermal socks!

14. Gasoline containers – You not have enough extra gas. Period. Be sure you use appropriate metal or plastic ones though.

15. Hygiene – Soaps, toothpaste, deodorants, and feminie products. Use your coupons – it makes them really cheap!

16. Plastic garbage bags – The small ones from shopping to the large black ones. Stock up. They are so useful.

17. Flashlights – Buy ‘em and get batteries! I carry a small LED one in purse, I have one in the car, we have them in our bags, and we have several in the house.

18. Glow Lights – Great for kids rooms when the lights go out! They kinda like snapping them to make them glow and they can find their way around.

19. Aluminum Foil – Buy this by the numbers only when it’s on sale and when you have a coupon. This stuff will help you cook food and I’ve even stored food outside (in the winter) wrapped in aluminum foil to keep it cool.

20. Toilet Paper and Paper Towels – Use coupons for these and watch for sales. None of us want to be without either of these items do we?

21. Fire Extinguishers – These are in our household now incase of a stove fire or fire place fire, but in a situation where you are having to use alternate means of cooking and heating, a good fire extinguisher and the know how to use one – is imperative.

22. First Aid – Accidents do happen and most of the time they happen more frequently when we are out of our element.

23. Batteries – Stock up on various sizes of batteries.

24. Candles – Candles are great source of light and they also produce a little heat, but be aware of the safety hazard and use appropriately.

25. Matches/Bic Lighters – Bics are cheap 3 for $2 and you’ll have to have a source to light your fireplace, insert, or cooking apparatus.

For the short checklist just click here to download: The 1st Quarter 25 item list

The original source where I found this list was ThePowerHour.com


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