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Doomsday Survey Results

My Google alerts presented me with an article today from SHTFPlan.com. It’s the summary of a survey of conducted by Kelton Research on behalf of National Geographic.

I found the results interesting, to say the least. Plus, I think there are more than 3 million “preppers” – I really think the number is much higher – aren’t we all a little bit prepper? The full article is here with the results!

Author credits: Author: Mac Slavo
Date: March 13th, 2012
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

Below are the parts I pulled out for this post.

A recent survey of 1,007 nationally representative Americans ages 18 and over suggests that most of us believe a doomsday scenario of some kind will occur in the next twenty five years.

With three million preppers in the U.S. getting ready for widespread disaster, gun sales sky rocketing, and retail precious metals purchases at unprecedented levels, the results of the survey performed by Kelton Research on behalf of National Geographic shouldn’t be surprising.

Among other things, the survey asked respondents to choose which natural or man-made doomsday scenarios they believed are most likely to happen in the United States.

The result suggest that Americans are more aware of the dangers facing our fragile society today than ever before.

While millions may be preparing, and over half of Americans expect a major catastrophic natural or man-made event to occur in the course of their lifetimes, at least 25% of Americans – fully 80 million – have taken no active steps to prepare themselves for disaster because they simply don’t believe it’s a possibility.

Our guess is that these overwhelmingly under-prepared individuals will be the first ones screaming for FEMA to give them food and calling for confiscation and redistribution of the supplies of others.

Maybe I err on the side of optimism because I would hate to think that there are really 80 million people that have taken NO steps to get themselves better prepared for “whatever” disaster may strike.

I choose a tornado picture for this post because disasters come packaged in various forms. It may not be a global climatic event that causes your world to end as you know it… it could be an event in your backyard.

Please read the original article and look at the questions and answers. Again, it was very interesting to me. Please assess your non-“Doomsday” events and get prepared.

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