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On Demand and Just-In-Time

Yesterday we were all focused on the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. The tornadoes were hair raising and the comments on the various sites I searched were just as hair raising.

The trucks you saw being tossed around like kids toys may have been empty at around 25,000 – 30,000 lbs. or they could have been full of cargo (expected somewhere within the next couple of days) at 45,000 lbs. The might of mother nature!

I know, the news was reporting an empty trailer weighs in at 15,000 lbs. but not so!

Regardless, there are some stores that are NOT getting what they ordered today because of the storms yesterday – that’s how (On-Demand and In-Time) we work!

I have many emotions that run through me when I see drivers out scoping out the parking lot to see if their “home away from home has been destroyed.” It brings it all very close to home for me!

Here’s an article from SHTFplan.com – Marc Slavo did the work on the article so I don’t have to, but it’s the very same thing I’ve been telling you for months!

If the trucking industry has one little hiccup from anything – it affects us all! No fuel, no food, no supplies, no ….. hmmmm …. everything is shipped by truck!

The happenings in Dallas/Ft. Worth ARE affecting someone today – hope it’s not you – if you are unprepared for an interruption in our transit system….. it doesn’t take an EMP or TEOTWAWKI situation to make it very real.

P.S. – yes, that’s me behind the trailer of our truck hauling 40,000 lbs. of beans, lentils, and rice! Think about it – please – the next post is a video I watched today of someone “wanting to stop trying to be prepared.” Please read the next post!

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