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To Prepare or Not?

It’s probably happened to all of us… we finally get to the point where things cost too much (for the budget), the EMP doesn’t happen, nor does the space ship descend and we gladly jump on board to be taken to the most prepared place ever – and the thought of giving up crosses our minds.

I am a very preparedness minded person who doesn’t give up. I was raised in an environment where the mindset was that grocery stores grew the food on the shelves and going to farm was a vacation from the real world. I maintained that mindset well up into my 40’s and then I finally realized that with WITHOUT FARMS AMERICA STARVES (TM)! Yep, I said it! Grocery stores don’t grow the food on the shelves – that food doesn’t JUST happen!

On the flip-side of that – the food on those shelves doesn’t just miraculously appear! It take a fine web of truck drivers and logistic management to make it happen! I’m going to start doing more post,  of my time in the cab of a truck, and explain how your dog/cat  food is just-in-time as well as yours.

I may have to start another blog for that, but so be it, it’s an important message that I’m more than qualified to talk about…. so hang on! Oh, Thursday’s Blog Talk Radio program will be just about that! Please join in(at 4:30 p.m. eastern) or catch the archive show!

I was really disappointed today when I watched this video where the author was stating he was just about to give up… as he said, “I’ve spent $1,000 in 3 months on food, but my wife will die, my mom will die… so what’s the point?” Hmmm….

He does admit that a glitch in our supply system could cause his family many troubles… my take:

1) Coupon and Shop Smart as I talk about in my E-Book ($4.95 here)

2) The EMP may never happen but something could disrupt our trucking system.

3) Give Up? – What? Give up? Who ever heard of those words before in their life?

Fear mongers are running rapid. I’m kinda sick of it, so let’s take a look at why to prepare and why not to. Personally I see no since in NOT taking some steps towards being responsible!

It doesn’t take a huge global climatic event to change your World As You Know IT! Always remember that! It could be medical bills, transit disruption, or a job loss. Prepare for your known threats!

Also, you must set realistic goals. The reason I mention fear mongers is because it’s usually fear that makes us react in a good way or a bad way! Some places are simply trying to sell you on the idea of getting ready for the Zombie Apocolyse and others are concerned and pass along useful information.

Your goals should start small and build from there. There’s no way to get totally prepared for every TEOTWAWKI event – prep a little at the time.


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