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Kerr Canning Jars – my Facts

kerrjars02Facts and numbers don’t lie, do we agree?

If you have facts and you have numbers that are unaltered, then you have a pretty solid idea of what to do and what not to do.

My own advice will be my new found pretense with canning jars!


I hate failure and I hate it more when I’ve spent time prepping the product that goes into a jar just to find this when I open the canner!

kerrjars01Ok, granted the potatoes were not all strewn about in the bottom of the canner as soon as I opened it;  but as soon as I grabbed the jar with the tong thingy’s … the suction on the bottom of jar gave way and this was what was left of a perfectly good can of potatoes! All strewn about in the bottom of the pressure canner.

I looked at the jar and it was ANOTHER KERR jar!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have a mix of jars here. Some are Ball, some are Kerr, and some are old Mayo jars.

The old glass Mayo jars (which I really can’t remember mayo on the shelf in a glass jar and I’m 50 years old) are my best producers so far. I bought a butt-load of jars (sight unseen) a while back and a bunch of old mayo jars were in the lot. Wide mouth lids and rings fit them fine, so I use them.

Every one of my jars goes through the same process from storage, to sanitizing, to canning, to storage again. Nothing varies. When I can a product, I simply grab enough jars and go through the process never paying attention to the brand of jar I’ve just grabbed.

I’ve used my Ball and Mayo jars for 4 seasons now – mostly bought brand new (minus the mayo jars) and the Kerr’s were in use for 2 canning seasons.

So far for canning…. I’ve lost ZERO old mayo jars, 1 Ball jar, and 5 Kerr jars this season alone. What’s up with the Kerr jars?

I’m not branded. I normally could care less about brand names because most stuff is processed the same and a different label is put on this stack vs. that stack.

But, again, numbers don’t lie.

For me, I’ll not be buying anymore Kerr jars. The numbers don’t lie. I’ll invest my canning money more wisely on the long-term and forget about the short-term if needed. Meaning, I’ll spend more upfront to ensure a good product vs. a bunch of product in the bottom of my canner filled with glass particles.

Anyone else seeing failure with canning jars this year?

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