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{ New Home for the new Chicks! }

new chicken house 8-2014 062This is not your typical “chicken tractor” by any means because my husband and I like to use and re-purpose a lot!

Last year, this structure made of hog panels, served us well as a green house, but we outgrew it!

Back in April 2014, I decided I wanted Golden Comet hens for large brown egg laying purposes and bought 12 for $3.75 each.

We had them in a short small run that we normally use for Cornish X hens (the meat bird) but they have now outgrown that structure. So, today, finally, they were introduced to their new home!

The structure itself is hog panels bended, with a few wood pallets for the flooring and milk crates for the nesting boxes.

The old green houseThe picture to your left is the old green house structure.

It works out well as a green house or chicken tractor.

On the further end we removed the window/ventilation for the green house and made it a wide opening for me (to gather eggs) and the hens to roam around in and house their nesting boxes.

My husband attached wheels to the bottom and we attached chicken wire for security from the bottom wood rail to the ground. All in all… the hens are safe and secure.

new chicken house 8-2014 061

I was expecting a reduction in “laying eggs” after the move but that didn’t happen. I was pleasantly surprised today when I found 9 eggs in the new laying boxes!

See, before, they were having to lay on the ground in a self-made nest so it surprised me that they knew instinctively they needed to lay in the boxes.

Chickens are fun and funny both. These ladies think my farm-boot laces are worms I guess – as they peck constantly at my boot strings as soon as I get in their run.

All in all… it’s been a great move for them and for us!


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