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One prevailing thought came to mind when I looked closely at the picture…

Photo Credit: The Ad Council, FEMA

Photo Credit: The Ad Council, FEMA

USAToday’s Story:  http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2014/08/25/fema-launches-push-for-family-emergency-communication-plans/14348855/

I remember working in the telecommunication field when Hurricane Andrew hit FL in 1992. (reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hurricane_Andrew) We had teams of people on the ground in FL, working on communications, who were reporting back to us folks simply wandering around trying to find where their house once stood.

Think about that for a second.

There were no landmarks left in most areas, the land is flat, no street signs, no structures, debris everywhere. People had literally lost their sense of direction, nothing was recognizable to them… it was washed out to sea with the storm, etc.

This picture from the USAToday link depicts a family separated by a large area wiped out by a tornado. For me, it’s imperative to have mobile supplies and supplies with you at all times (as best you can), learn your surrounding area as if it were the back of your hand.

So, I have to ask, if you were faced with this type emergency (a natural one) what’s the one tip you’d share for others?

My tip is for the adults: know how to read a map and have one… a real one with your families predetermined gathering point marked. Maps are cheap and everyone in the family should have one close-to-their-person for situations like this. When “communications” fail.

After Hurricane Andrew the only thing left in a large swath of land was the pavement. Being familiar with the pavement layout (as there were no signs to direct some folks during this situation) was the only thing that got them back to what was their home.

I’ve often wondered what happened to some of the families our crews’ came back talking about. I’ve wondered if they all finally found each other.

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