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Power Outage… I realize I love Light

Our power was off for about 8 hours on Saturday. It was great practice which started about 2:00 p.m..

Although we do run various scenario’s year out… this little inconvenience for the short-term was a great drill!

As the sun started setting and the power not coming back on and the power company having “no restoration time”… we started our backup plan…

Food: Not a problem… I’d resort to the outdoor kitchen with the propane stove.

Shelter: Not a problem… we were in a house

Water: (normally we’re on a well… no electric for pump = no water) No issue… got that in 55 gallon drums, 2 liters, etc.

Warmth: It was 29 degrees outside and 55 inside. No problem… wood stove, wood, kindling, ways to cordon off house, layers of clothing, and extra blankets (when needed… again… it was a good practice and it wasn’t all that cold even for us southerners).

Light: Got it!

Light, for some reason, this year became my main focus. And I was very excited that back-in-the-summer, I’d purchased these from a store on Amazon.

They work beautifully (with batteries so don’t forget those!)

But, we took the challenge one step further… we decided not to hook up all the gadgets we have that run off batteries, which were fully charged. Instead we decided to talk by “Coleman Light”.

The small convenience of a few batteries and a light was of great benefit and very economical.

The light was an enormous benefit to us, because I am a light-lover! This style has various lighting settings and my plan was to leave it lightly dimmed in case one of us had to get up during the night. However, Duke Power’s crews put us back on-grid before the night was done.

A good learning experience and great practice. Never miss an opportunity, right?

The picture was taken after the lights came back on but I highly recommend them.

My light life-saver!

My light life-saver!


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