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Explaining my Storage Room

104_0596We had family in this weekend and the ultimate trip down to the storage room was on their list! They wanted to visit the forbidden “storage room”.

I could see the look of shock ‘n awe as soon as I opened the door.

I thought, “Crap… now I have to some how explain this.” But then I thought, “No, I don’t… it’s a buying method I use and it serves us well under many different pretenses. I don’t have to explain ‘why so much,’ I just need to teach the method! 🙂

As my uncle-in-law’s face was still frozen-in-time… I immediately went into my explanation of how I shop which lead into the reason for so much stuff.

I explained…

  • I buy several numbers of items on sale when they are within my “buy price.”
  • I know the cheapest retail price on most all things and I stock up when they meet that price. I don’t just buy 1 or 2… I buy 10 or 20.
  • I spend the entire weekly budget, each week, on the best sale price out there.
  • I’ve done this for 4-5 years.
  • I cook from storage.

I also explained the large gardens we have each year. Way too much food comes out of those for only 2 people, so I can and preserve food. (He was gazing at the amount of canned goods while I was talking his anxiety down quickly!)

A little while later my aunt joined us and we had a great conversation about food and buying items. She was confused because I have, for instance, a lot of home canned green beans and store bought ones. I tried to explain the home grown ones are great because I know what went into them and they are fresh vs. the canned ones are normally for emergencies or if we had to leave the premises we could drag these out with us. They are lighter than the glass jars. BUT, they were nowhere near me talking about bugging-out and so I stopped that conversation and took it back to wholesome foods.

Before the conversation died I was able to explain how to save money with stocking up. We went over expiration dates, amounts, what to store, and how to store.

I explained how sales cycle and when to look out for certain items at rock-bottom prices and stock up when they hit that price!

My Thanksgiving Turkey (unfortunately we didn’t grow Turkey’s this year) costs me only .67/lb. The store I purchased it from had a $35 minimum purchase with a store card too, in order to get the deal. So, I scoured their ad this week and found $35 worth of stuff at the rock-bottom price and purchased only $35 worth of stuff along with my turkey. The price of the turkey dropped from $25.54 to $9.47….

Back to the aunt and uncle story. I think I got through to my aunt that after a few weeks/months of “stock shopping” you don’t need to buy paper towels or tp every week, nor green beans or canned corn. You stock up when it’s the dirt cheapest you can find and then the following week you buy some other “stock up” item. In the meantime you shop/cook out of your pantry from items you have …. not items you need to run to the store for.

Forget that weekly shopping list. Stock Shop!

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