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{ Not all Thermal underwear is created = }

I was out last week feeding the animals we have (all 300 of them) and noticed my cheap thermals were causing me to sweat in 21 degree weather. Not good!

I went into the house and got my husbands thermal shirt by Base Force and continued with my chores. I didn’t notice my sweating anymore. Why? Well, actually the moisture from your body is wicked away in to the clothing. Meaning it doesn’t stay on your skin or areas that you will most likely notice it.

I was much more warm and comfortable after changing clothes and finished all the outdoor chores without having to change clothes again. I wasn’t cold or hot… just a normal temperature and comfortable.

For us, in the south, 21 degrees is cold – so I’m glad I have these in our stores. I just bought myself one of these shirts because, yes, the hubby’s was too big for me, but it served me well in an emergency.

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