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{ Our New Portable Ice Machine! }

ice maker 2014 majic chef 002My husband decided he wanted a portable ice maker for Christmas and it was harder to find than I thought… Lowe’s and Home Depot only carry them one day a year… “online” was sold out forever it seemed or the prices were so ridiculous I couldn’t imagine…, but I finally managed to snag one – this little Magic Chef model.

If you have alternate ways to power your house or a generator, this little thing is the trick. It’s very simple to use… you simply pour water in the bottom to the fill line (approximately 12 cups of water) , plug it into your house outlet or generator, turn the power on, set the cube size and let it work it’s magic.

Within 14 minutes I had my first 9 medium sized cubes and I let it run until the water ran out (which it alerted me the water was out) and have since had 3 full baskets of fresh ice!

ice maker 2014 majic chef 006

 The picture above was only a half basket full… I got anxious and took a picture.

Here’s the size of the medium cube…

ice maker 2014 majic chef 004

 So far, only 1 try in, I’m impressed the machine.

My first experience with no ice came in 1989 during Hurricane Hugo. We were in Charlotte, NC at the time and too far inland to be affected, right? WRONG!

Ice became a necessity and no one had it! My primary need then, as I saw it, was for baby milk and insulin… but as I’ve grown in preparedness I realize ice can be used for so many other things and “cooling” is one! It was late September when Hugo came through but it was still hot and sticky in the south. A little refreshing breeze would have made a lot of difference! A bowl of ice with a fan blowing across it would have been very refreshing!

My primary needs today would be using the generator to power various things around here along with new ice maker. The new ice maker would be churning out small ice chunks used to cool us, preserve food, and keep med’s at the recommended temp and providing cool drinks for everyone.

Most of our food stores are in cans or dry form so the ice maker would be used as a luxury. I like it, it works great, and I’ll be updating on this later post.

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