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Peanut Butter on the Increase!

I know my family gets so tired of me couponing and waiting on sales for stuff, but after you read this article you should: 1) see why people prep, 2) see the importance of couponing and working the sales.

I bought Peanut Butter last month, triple coupon special, for .44 cents and it was on sale too – so it came out to be about a 92% savings. We are peanut butter good right now, thank goodness!

Thank goodness you ask?…. well, it was announced today via CNN that peanut butter is on the increase, as soon as Oct. 31. Kraft will go up an anticipated 40% and Peter Pan 20%. I will still be enjoying my past price of .44!

Here’s the article for reference: http://money.cnn.com/2011/10/14/markets/peanut_butter_prices/

This means if you have been paying $3.00 for a jar at the end of October you will paying $4.20 for the same product or a little less if you only buy Peter Pan.

Has your paycheck increased that much in the past month? Probably not, so this will mean that each week in which you buy peanut butter, unless you are a couponer and a sales shopper, you will have less money for other items (that are increasing as well.)

You have got to protect your family’s budget, that is a responsibility we all have.





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