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Fiction – Good Reads

These books are also favorites of ours because you can learn something from all of them!

Mr. James Wesley Rawles has published a few books and this one was actually my favorite. It’s like a reference book for all kinds of situations.

This is another book of Mr. Rawles that I got lost in. My husband understand it fully and it has a lot of wonderful references. It’s a good read (no doubt) but lost me in the technicalities.

I have to recommend this because it’s like a surival cache of all kinds of information and references. This is actually the archives of SurvivalBlog.com and well worth the price!

A must have!

If you’re new to prepping or have family members who are non-preppers… you should give them either of these books. These are the stories that make you go “hmm…. that could really happen!”