Teaching others to prepare on a budget!

Preparedness Planning

Written by M.D. Creekmore of  The Survivalist Blog. net – all I can say, is he walks the walk! For $16 you are getting a life-time of knowledge!

Written by Zion Prepper this is an excellent overall preparedness in general kind of book. Great reference tool!

It’s a disaLearn morester is written by Bill and Janet Liebsch who are the founders of FedHealth, a publishing and marketing company formed in1999 to help the public focus on preparedness and health-related issues. They are the authors and publishers of “IT’S A DISASTER! …and what are YOU gonna do about it?” and are dedicated to developing programs that primarily benefit First Responders, schools, volunteer programs, and individuals.

This is a must for anyone’s preparedness library!

I was surprised when I told Janet I was going to get CERT qualified and she told me that this is the material my CERT training class taught!

Get your copy today and get your family prepared!

To see inside the book – just click here: A look inside “It’s a Disaster”