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Canning Lid Cost & Stocking Up


This time of year for me means canning the seasons harvest. I had stocked up on some lids, jars, and bands but then found myself running low on lids. Over the last couple of years I had accumulated lots of jars and bands but I was low on lids. One time use lids - I only use 1 time, as suggested, although many folks use these time and time again. I'd rather be safe than sorry so I still only use them once. Anyway... I realized I was running out of lids... so I purchased some from Lehmans.com - 288 wide mouth lids for a total (with shipping) of .27 each or $76.90 total. As a price … [Read more...]

Shortages/Price Increases and Paper Products 2014


I'm reading a lot in the news about potential food shortages due to various areas experiencing droughts and the pig virus that killed off a percentage of meat this year. Not to mention chickens, are by "head count." being produced less - but they are weighing more, which is suppose to off set the decrease in head count produced. Which is suppose to offset the balance of supply-and-demand from the consumer. However; I've always been one to watch weekly prices on everyday items we all use. Paper products seem to be increase as fast as fuel prices! In November, 2013 I made my last big … [Read more...]

Tips from PreparednessPro.com (good stuff)

I caught these on my Youtube feed and wanted to share in case you missed them. This one is a frugal tip: And this one is a food storage tip: I use both in our frugal lifestyle and food storage techniques!   … [Read more...]

10,000 sq ft to 32 in 12 months!


One area of prepping that I love is the garden - the stores from the garden - and getting my hands dirty! The picture to the left is one of our gardens in 2013. The second picture is the other garden spot and with the two, we planted roughly 10,000 sq ft of crops.   Unfortunately, 2013 was a bust for us - minus the fact we were able to harvest cabbage, lettuce, onions, and potatoes from the 2013 growing cycle. In our area, we were hit with 60" of rain between June and September last year and that pretty well washed-out/drowned all the crops. 2014 growing season didn't start … [Read more...]

The Things I’ve Learned About Canning!


The things I've learned about canning and the right resources to do it with based on your budget, time, and needs! It was 2010 before I ever thought about canning anything! Of course that was something only my Grandma did, right? Wow, how time flies! Well, as we tooled into our preparedness journey the garden(s) came first and then preserving came next! I knew nothing back then - at all - nodda - zero, but with 9,000 sq ft feed of planted crops - I knew I needed to learn fast! 2011 was my first canning season. I listened to a lot of advice from seasoned preparedness/homesteaders … [Read more...]

{ Credit & Debit Card threats… My experience! }


  A couple of years ago I accidentally left my DEBIT card at a convenience store. I retrieved it within 2 hours but the damage had already been done! Recently we're all hearing of "security breeches"... first it was Target, and now (according to Forbes) we're looking at Sears, Neiman Marcus, and Michael's. In my own experience, within a couple of weeks of leaving and "almost immediately" retrieving my card...  I noticed a strange charge for $2.00 to a site that sells "background images" for your desktop. I thought my husband may have decided to purchase a new background (for some … [Read more...]

{ Guest Post! Bugging Out With Baby! }


Since I have no "babies" (per se) right now... you see, we are empty-nesters with 3 grown children and no grandchildren yet... I have to turn to more experienced folks with said youngsters. I felt that Prepping On A Budget had a void and it was with the subject of the young ones. So, I sat out to find a guest writer to fill the void! I think I may have found a good match and would like to introduce you to Naomi. Here is her article on "Bugging Out With Baby". Let us know what you think, what you'd like to see, and hopefully I can add a whole section to this topic! Bugging out with … [Read more...]

{ Incorporating Guest Post on POAB }

I've decided to use my platform (ummm blog)  and incorporate some guest post. All the past articles you see here are from me and our homestead and our diligent practice with this or that. But, I've realized there is a lot to share and hopefully wake more folks up to this whole preparedness venture. So, one of my newest "guest" will be talking about prepping with babies. See, our babies are all grown now and none of them have produced us grandchildren so - this is an area which Prepping On A Budget has missed. I didn't intentionally leave the babies out - I simply don't have any … [Read more...]