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Uh Oh … Here it Comes!


I took this picture last night and thought, "Here it comes," only to realize today that it is HERE! The okra is only about knee high and already has pods on it ready to come off. My pickled okra from last year is getting mushier by the moment and I can't understand why so I'm on the lookout for other ways of preserving okra. If you have any... please let me know! Today was spent in the garden. I had about 12 cabbage heads to come off and I left the one that the little varmint has been eating on..... I figured I didn't need it that bad and the little varmint was only looking for … [Read more...]

A Week of First’s


This week was a week of firsts for me! My trip to the scrap yard has me looking for aluminum cans everywhere! And I was finally able to cut some of the cabbage heads last night! Yippee! I'll be making chow-chow this weekend. Our family loves fresh cabbage so this year we planted about twice as much as last year. Another thing I've realized is the chow-chow from last year tastes a lot better this year! I guess it's like wine... the older it gets the better! Also, my husband usually tends to the compost piles but I'm starting to learn a little more about it as well. All the compost from … [Read more...]

Top 5 Mishaps of Preppers


We all have those Oops! moments, right? I know I do. After all, I'm just human. But, two years behind me in preparedness, I wonder what I would do differently and I wonder if my mistakes can help someone else. Let's see? 1) I spent way too much time trying to figure out the "right" way to prepare. There is no right way. There is a lot of information available to those who wish to follow it but everyone must consider their own circumstances, budget, and mindset. 2) Water Storage - You will do good to survive past 3 days without water. I wish, in the beginning, my husband and I had … [Read more...]

True Fruits of Your Labor


I was catching the highlights on my Facebook wall page tonight and ran across this article from Frugally Sustainable which talks about Tips for Saving Money on Your Grocery bill. Of course, I had to read the article! There are a number of similarities in a frugal lifestyle and a preparedness lifestyle and a lot of the tips were the same we all see in both worlds – but wait! I loved #21!!!! As prepper’s we all talk about bartering, I’ve also talked about it on my blog talk radio show , but even I had not thought of simply asking farmer friends to trade (or barter) food for … [Read more...]

Gardening Today


Being the temperature here has averaged about 80 degrees for the past two weeks, my husband and I felt pretty secure with planting a few things. Last week, the potatoes went into the ground and today we managed to get the cabbage and broccoli planted. I've also got some pepper seeds in the window sill, trying to get them to sprout, so I can plant them within the next month. I bought 24 cabbage plants and 12 broccoli plants for a mere $10, from a local grower. Last year I paid $3 a pepper plant, so this year, I'm trying it on my own. Otherwise, this same grower will have 6 plants for … [Read more...]

UPDATE: Suburban Prepper Conference (3-3-12)

The buzz is getting out that there is going to be a Surburban Prepper Conference in Columbia, SC on March 3, 2012. I spoke with the hostess today and she ensured me the guest speakers who had previously offered information at other regional conferences had changed their material to focus on particular areas of concern for the suburban preppers (but the rural preppers would also get something out of it.) … [Read more...]

Prepping & Gift Giving Part 3

For the final post in this series let me say - You can never have too many resources. Tonight I was the guest of Donna Miller from Miller's Grain House on blog talk radio and we were discussing this 3 part series of Gift giving on a budget with a preppers twist. The last thing I'd like to leave you with is a list of resources we have in our personal library because it's my opinion that none of us can have too many resources to fall back on. … [Read more...]

Square Foot Gardening

Girl Holding Plant

I know several of you are growing and tending to your winter gardens where I am tending to my lettuce in (yes) those same flower pots from the spring/summer harvest! I love raised bed gardening and talk about growing food in flower pots a lot! Some people try to tell me that growing your own food in flower pots will not work and I just grin and say, "Well, we ate a lot of salads from the flower pots this summer!" So, today I ran across a post on EDC-prepping blog that I wanted to share with you. This is a great little presentation that will - if nothing else - make you stop and realize … [Read more...]